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My Dad The Sports Deacon?

Posted by Site Admin on March 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM

Speaking on behalf of my family, I'm proud to announce that dear ole Dad is being put before the AMCC church family for a membership vote to determine if he will serve as the next Deacon over the Sports Ministry.  While I acknolwedge I have a bias for Daddo Danny-o, I can tell you from my life experience that this man knows his sports.  Every since I was a little fella (in years, not quiet, Keith), Dad was always showing me the ropes.  Whether it was the two of us on the bank of a pond fishing, or getting ready to tee off for a round of 18, or learning how to shoot a free throw, Dad was always there giving patient instruction.  When my fastball wasn't necessarily fast, Dad didn't give up on his son.  He stayed with it, like good Dads do.  From a sports vantage point, the old man knows his stuff.

But really, the position of Sports Deacon is about more than just having a sports acumen.  So let me tell you some other things about Daniel Keith Fardo.  (Note: If you're totally lost on why I'm calling Danny "Dad" then you probably weren't with us for worship on March 18th.  To catch up, click on the SERMONS tab at the top of this page & listen to the first few minutes of the "Fear Of Speaking Up" message.  You won't be disappointed unless your name is Renee Fardo.  If your name is Renee Fardo...well...hahahahaha)

So back to Danny.

The Fardo family has been attending AMCC for about four years now, and in that time I've had the privilege of getting to know them well.  And I count it a blessing to know them as very good friends, even if they conned me into going to The Smoky Mountains last summer.  But that's okay.  I got them back by making them go through about a half dozen of those time share tours, where they give you $100 to sit through some boring sales pitch.  But anyway...

First and foremost, Danny Fardo is a man of God.  Having spent time with him in a small group setting, and having had a variety of discussions with him, and knowing the heart he has for people, Danny greatly impresses me.  For quite a while he has been on the radar for a leadership position of some kind, and after extensive prayer and discussion, the Elders are placing him before the congregation as a prospective Deacon.  I personally feel the Sports Ministry will be in tremendous hands with Danny's oversight, but I mostly feel that our church family would be privileged to have him in a position of servant leadership.

In the last few years Danny has taken the ball (no pun intended) and run with it on a variety of sports-related issues.  He has organized flag football games in Falmouth.  He has coached & volunteered with the Upward Basketball & Cheerleading program.  This past winter, he organized a Men's Basketball league that involved several area churches.  Having participated in several of these over the years, I can tell you that church basketball leagues aren't the easiest things to run.  But Danny did it well.  Really well.

There is a teaching of Scripture that comes to mind when I think of Danny Fardo.  The New Testament speaks of how we, as followers of Christ, are actually "priests."  The somewhat fancy phrase for this is "priesthood of all believers."  Basically the New Testament teaches that each of us, as followers of Christ, are to serve one another & meet each others' needs.  A lot of times we lay this responsibility at the feet of ministers, but actually all of us are to be ministers of sorts.  Danny Fardo exemplifies this.  When people are sick, Danny knows about it.  When someone hasn't been to a church service in a few weeks, Danny knows about it & often times makes contact with the person.  I can't tell you how many times Danny has telephoned me to see if I was aware that such-and-such was having surgery, or to inform me that he has been reaching out to folks who aren't coming to church or have not been in a while.  He cares about people.  He loves people.  He serves them.  He's a leader, even though he doesn't necessarily carry an official leadership title.

Danny is, in my opinion, more than qualified for this task.  So the leaders of AMCC are asking you to prayerfully consider this matter, as we will be having an official confirmation vote for Danny on Sunday, April 1st.  He has earned our trust and stamp of approval & we pray that you will come to the same conclusion.

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