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Help For The Chestnut Family

Posted by Site Admin on February 17, 2012 at 8:35 AM

Many of you are familiar with the tragedy that took place this past Wednesday when the Chestnut family, residents of Cynthiana, lost their home and two little girls to a house fire.  These young girls, Jacqueline age 5 & Rachel age 4, leave behind six other siblings (ages 7, 15, 17, 19, 20 & 21).  The father/husband, Terry Chestnut, is in stable, but critical condition at UK Medical Center and is in need of your prayers.  Terry's wife Shelley is a teacher in the Grant County school system.  Several people have inquired about how to help this family, so I wanted to provide you with information on how you can do just that.

The Salem Church of Christ, where Dale Kendrick ministers (Tara Marsh's father), is collecting a love offering this Sunday which will be sent directly to the Chestnut family.  If you would like to assist with financial support, you can make checks payable to SALEM MISSION FUND.  You can drop off your checks with Evan, Lonnie or Becky on Sunday and we will see to it that the money gets in the proper hands with the folks at Salem.  In addition, an account has been established at Harrison Deposit on behalf of the family. 

Donations of tangible items (such as clothing) will be accepted as well.  You can drop those off at the foyer on Sunday & we will see to it that your donations are taken where they need to be taken.

Thank you for your help & please keep the Chestnut family in your prayers as they recover from this tragedy.

Here is a list of sizes needed if you're donating clothes:

Sizes for the kids living at home

Cheyanne..7 shirt..shoe 2
Kim .. med tops..4 pants..9 and a half or 10 shoe tops..6 pants 9 shoe

Sizes for the college students

Alethia..small or 8 top....2 pants..9 shoe
Albert..30/32 pants....lg shirt 11 shoe

Sizes for mom and dad

Shelly..7L pants..lg shirt..91/2 W shoe
Terry..38-32 w/elastic..pants...2xl shirt..11 1/2 shoe

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