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Sugar Doll Cunningham & Other Newlywed Notes

Posted by Site Admin on February 15, 2012 at 12:40 AM

Another year, another Valentine Banquet/Newlywed Game in the books.  If I've learned anything from this annual February shindig, it's that we always come away with something that takes on a life of its own.  The first year was the perfect 10 for 10 score earned by yours truly & his lovely wife in the first ever AMCC Newlywed Game.  Last year it was Wendell McNabb wearing a motorcyle helmet to protect himself from the inevitable swats given to him by his better half, Kim.  This year it could have been the perfect 20 for 20 score earned by yours truly & his lovely wife, but there's no need to beat a dead horse.  Some things we just come to expect as normal occurences.  The sun rises and sets.  Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.  Birds fly south for the winter.  Kentucky beats Louisville on New Year's Eve.  Evan & Stacey win Newlywed Games.  These are just the facts of life.

The perfect score, however, was not the highlight of the night.  At least it wasn't when I watched Sportscenter early Monday morning.  No, the buzz after Sunday night's Newlywed Game was Steve "Sugar Doll" Cunningham.  Evidently, this is the nickname of perference used for him by his bride, Pam.  "Sugar Doll, it's time for supper!  Sugar Doll, can you pick up some flour while you're in town?  Hey Sugar Doll, do you want to go to the Harrison/Pendleton game next week?"  I'm really not sure how I've known Steve for almost five years & have yet to pick up on this.  The Elders didn't provide this information during my interview back in 2007.  It was an honest mistake on their part, but it's okay.  Now I know & so do the faithful readers of Ole Blizzy.

But Sugar Doll wasn't the only news of significance from Sunday night's get-together.  There were some things that came as no suprise.  Such as: 

* Some people collect stamps or baseball cards.  Not Danny Fardo.  He collects rental properties.  And Danny is much more romantic now than he was on his first date with Renee.  After all, the candy that best describes said first date is a "Zero" candy bar.

* Mattell's upcoming Kim McNabb Barbie doll line will have a new string pulling feature.  Pull the string & the doll frustratingly exclaims, "Wendell!"

* Women like Kohl's.  Men like underwear with holes.

* Eyebrows are not an appealing physical feature, Mr. Meyer.

But there were some surprising revelations as well:

* When women fantasize about their husbands, Jack Nicholson's image comes to their minds.

* The wife takes a nap when hubby's not around.

* Tom Mueller.  Very humble, very gentle Tom Mueller.  Tom the king of patience Mueller.  He drives a Harley.  That's awesome.

* Mark Sutton likes snapdragons, except in the morning.

* When in doubt, "Green Beans."

* Jerk.

As expected, Darrell & Sherry Price did a splendiforous job serving as hosts for this year's Newlywed Game.  As good as they were, though, it'll be nice having them back as contestents next year.  For whatever reason, the Price's are always able to deliver the entertainment.

Thanks also to the 15 AMCC couples who bravely endured this most grueling game of 20 Questions.  Hat-tip to Danny & Renee Fardo, Greg & Marsha Olmsted, Jarrod Arkenau & Susan Cornett, Sugar Doll & Pam Cunningham, Michael & Ashley Wills, Evan & Stacey Meyer, Danny & Joyce Eckler, Mark & Lisa Sutton, Wendell & Kim McNabb, Curtis & Tara Marsh, Chris Fur & Bridget Yelton, Randy & Ronda Yelton, Larry & JoAnn Jones, Tom & Claire Mueller, & Keith & Jana Smith.  I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thanks also to the Student Ministry & their sponsors for preparing, serving & cleaning up the meal.  And thanks to those who graciously donated to them ($400 raised on Sunday night!).

People often times say Christians don't know how to have fun.  The AMCC Valentine Party/Newlywed Game disagrees.

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