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New Study For The Well: Angels & Demons

Posted by Site Admin on August 28, 2013 at 11:50 AM

"There is something in human nature that just doesn't want to face the reality that we live in two worlds.  We live in the physical, material world where we have jobs, read books, and go about our business.  And we live in a spiritual world--and that is a world at war."

- John Eldredge

" For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

- The Apostle Paul, Ephesians 6:12

Our Wednesday night service, "The Well", resumes next Wednesday (September 4th) & I wanted to take a few minutes to promote a study series that I (Evan) will be leading.  "Angels & Demons" will be an 8-week study series that will take an in-depth, eye-opening look at the spirit world & the beings that inhabit it.

For the longest time, I had other plans regarding what I would teach once our Wednesday night service kicked back off.  Until about three weeks ago the plan was to do a character study on Elijah, followed by a study on his successor, Elisha.  While that may indeed happen at some point, I was compelled to shift gears.  Maybe it was God prompting me, or maybe it was just something I inspired myself to do, but the decision was finally made to spend considerable time on this subject.

Perhaps part of my motivation for leading this study is that it is seldom discussed.  I know in my church-growing-up-years, we rarely (if ever) broached the topic of Angels & Demons.  Even during my four-and-a-half years at a Christian college, I can count on a couple of fingers how many times Angels & Demons were discussed/taught at length.  For whatever reason, churches, teachers, and preachers that I have been associated with just stay away from this subject--at least for the most part.

This is unfortunate, because as you scour through the Scriptures, you will find numerous references to spiritual warfare & the combatants involved in it.  They are unseen to the human eye, but they are present nonetheless.  And their activity needs to be examined by every follower of Christ.  In studying them, we learn a lot about why we are the way we are; and why the world is the way it is.

So this is an invitation for you to join us next Wednesday as we begin our study.  Remember that we're starting at 6:30 pm each night & there will be no meal, as we've often had in the past. 

If this study is not something you are interested in, then I strongly encourage you to participate in Danny Fardo's study group, which will be extensively examining the topic of Discipleship.  Danny has a heart for that & I know he will lead that study very well.  Danny's group will be meeting in the lower level of The Worship Center, while my group will be meeting in The Worship Center itself.

Whichever group you choose, I hope that you will choose one.  Quite honestly, we have too many folks at AMCC who are content to take part for one hour per week & that's that in regard to church involvement.  That needs to change.  And it is my hope that one of these studies will pique your curiosity enough & you will be excited to take part. 

Personally speaking, I enjoy the Wednesday night study format because it is significantly less formal than what happens on Sunday mornings.  There is teaching, but discussion from those in attendance is encouraged & necessary.  I genuinely hope that you will choose to take part in some form or fashion.

Before I sign off, here is the schedule for "Angels & Demons":

September 4th- "Angels vs. Demons"
September 11th- "Misconceptions Of Angels"
September 18th- "The Purpose Of Angels"
September 25th- "Angels & The End Times"
October 9th- "Demons: Fallen Angels"
October 16th- "Demon Oppression & Possession"
October 23rd- "The Destiny Of Demons"
October 30th- "The Invisible War"

Note: On October 2nd, the "Angels & Demons" group will have a guest teacher, who will lead a session not related to the "Angels & Demons" study.

Seeking A Sports Deacon

Posted by Site Admin on August 26, 2013 at 11:00 AM

As we have announced for the last few weeks, the AMCC church family will be voting on Chris Yelton for the position of Sports Deacon on Sunday, September 8th.  The Sports Ministry position was vacated just recently when Danny Fardo became an Elder.  While that move was important & necessary, it left a hole in a very important ministry.  For a few months now, the Elders have prayerfully considered this matter & have decided to place Chris before the congregation, hoping that you will agree that he is the man to assume this position of servant leadership.

Chris & his family have been attending AMCC since the Summer of 2007.  Back then they were just Chris, Bridget, & Mason.  Now, as you can see in the picture above, they are a family of five, having added Omar Owen & Grayson.  In case you haven't noticed, the Yelton boys all have first names that are synonomous with counties in Kentucky.  I don't think that was the original plan, but that's how it all ended up.  I'm still disappointed that we don't have a McCracken Yelton.

While Chris & Bridget are both graduates of Pendleton County High School, they currently teach in the Bracken County School system (B-R-A-C-K-E-N...Bracken!  Bracken!  Go, fight, win!.........sorry about I'm not).  We all know that Bracken County Schools have turned out some of America's finest citizens (wink, wink), so it has to be a plus that the Yeltons spend considerable time & energy there.

Chris teaches Art in Bracken County because that is one of his great passions in life.  In fact, you'll see some of Mr. Yelton's handiwork on the walls in our Family Life Center.  Chris undoubtedly has talents & gifts in the area of creativity, but he is much more than an artist or an artist who teaches.

First & foremost, Chris Yelton loves Jesus.  In the last 6-plus years he & I have become very good friends.  The Yeltons live just two houses down from our family, so we have become very close.  Chris & I have had numerous conversations about matters of faith.  He has a very analytical way of thinking & is always eager to learn & absorb anything related to his Lord & Savior.

Chris is also very active at AMCC.  For the last few years he has coached a team in our Upward Basketball program--something he will oversee if he is confirmed for this Deacon position.  Chris & Bridget have tag-teamed our Co-Ed volleyball team that plays on Tuesday nights in the summer at Grassy Creek Christian Church.  For a handful of years, Chris oversaw/coached our Men's Softball team that played in Falmouth.  So if you approve of him serving as a Deacon, understand that he is very familiar and involved with the ministry already.

In the community Chris is also very active, coaching tee-ball teams, soccer teams, basketball teams, etc.  For a few years Chris even served as the head coach for Bracken County's high school baseball team.  He knows and loves his sports, but does not take it too far, which often happens to many of us.  He is competitive, puts everything he has into what he is doing, but at the end of the day Chris is a representative of Jesus.  And that, to me at least, is what you want for a Sports Deacon.

And that's just the sports side of things.  Chris & his family seldom miss Sunday morning services.  He is additionally a regular for The Well on Wednesday nights.  In the past, Chris has filled in to teach our high school Sunday School Class, as well as a Sunday night ABF group.  All of these are a testament to one of Chris's most positive qualities: dependability.

Don't get me wrong...Chris is not without flaws.  He once challenged me to a "Who Can Eat More Food At The Wool Festival" contest.  That was pretty stupid, because he had no chance.  Only Curtis Marsh & Billy Ernst could even begin to compete with me.  A few summers ago Chris was having some problems with his riding lawn mower & asked if I could come take a look at it.  That was REALLY stupid.  And unfortunately, Chris Yelton's maternal grandfather is none other than Collis Ray.  Yes, Collis Ray.  But we can't hold that against Chris.

At the end of the day, the Elders & I wholeheartedly support Chris for this position.  Not only he is knowledgable & experienced with a variety of sports, but Chris Yelton is a man who loves Jesus & wants others to come to know him as well.  He has our endorsement & we hope he will have yours too.

Remembering Roger

Posted by Site Admin on March 6, 2013 at 12:40 AM

I had not been at Antioch but for a few weeks when the telephone rang at the office.  I looked at the Caller I.D. & saw that it read "Winkle, Roger A."  I answered with my most frequent greeting: "Antioch Mills, this is Evan."

The voice on the other end--Roger's in the best Spanish he could muster--said this, "My name is Jose.  I need some money.  If I come to your church, can you give me some money?"

For whatever reason I was quick on the draw that day, so I responded, "I don't have any money, but we have an Elder down the road named Roger Winkle.  He has some deep pockets, so I'm sure he'll be able to help you."

Roger immediately laughed, unaware that we had Caller I.D. here at the church.  We laughed for quite a while & I heard him retell that story many times after; but from that point on I referred to Roger as "Jose" & he referred to me as "Pablo."

In fact, this past Sunday I spoke but one word to Roger just before the first service began.  We greeted each other in passing, as we often did, by my saying, "Jose" and by his response of, "Pablo."

Little did I know it would be the last time the two of us would speak.

This past Sunday, in the late afternoon/early evening, Roger heard his Lord & Savior speak the following words: "Well done, good and faithful servant!  Come and share your master's happiness." (see Matthew 25:21)

Roger's passing comes as a shock to all of us, especially his wonderful wife Darlene, their three children, & the grandchildren who adored him.  That's not to mention his siblings, other relatives & countless friends.  The AMCC church family has lost a giant of faith, a man who has served this church in just about every capacity you could imagine.  In fact, Roger was in his 25th year of serving as an Elder when he left us.

I mentioned on our church Facebook page that our loss is undoubtedly heaven's gain, but for those of us still on this side of eternity, we mourn & grieve the death of our good friend.  Roger was a rock in so many ways, whether it be in his leadership, his teaching, his knowledge of Scripture, or thousands of other ways in which he was as consistent as they come.  His sweet, gentle spirit will be missed by us all.

We will mourn together this Wednesday & Thursday during the visitation & funeral arrangements for Roger.  We will remember him as a church family this Sunday & for quite some time into the future.  But perhaps the best way we can remember him is by continuing to carry the torch of faith he has passed down to each of us.  To live our lives in such a way that Jesus Christ is honored above all.

Arrangements for Roger Winkle are as follows:

Visitation- 5:00-8:00 pm at AMCC
Funeral- 11:00 am at AMCC (burial at Battle Grove Cemetery immediately after)

Fall Is Coming. You Know What That Means.

Posted by Site Admin on September 10, 2012 at 5:50 PM

You're looking at some of my favorite pictures involving my daughter & myself.  These are taken from the last four Halloweens.  Basically, my job during Trick-or-Treating is to carry Addi on my shoulders when she gets tired.  The gig isn't too bad.  Sure, by night's end, my neck is crying out for relief, but for all my laboring I also get to raid her candy when the night is over.  So it's a pretty sweet deal.

I love this picture because it reminds me of my favorite time of year: Fall.  There are too many reasons to explain in this single blog post, but allow me to offer a few reasons as to why September/October comprise my two favorite months of the year.

* The Kentucky Wool Festival...I'm told they've considered changing the name of this annual Pendleton County tradition to "Evan Breaks His Budget: Both In Food & In Money" but the powers-that-be decided to keep it as is.  I'm sure I'll see many of you this year, so I'll go ahead & apologize for not speaking to you.  I have food on the mind.

* Football...It's not my favorite sport.  My favorite college team (UK) is awful.  I don't even really have a favorite NFL team.  But I do like making fun of the Bengals & falling asleep watching Tom Brady chuck it up and down the field on some poor, opposing defense.

* Trick-Or-Treating...I think I like this more now than I ever did as a kid--even that year when I doubled up on my candy by wearing two masks and visiting each house twice.  True story.  See, I was a genius even as a youngster.  I love seeing all the kids dressed up, going door-to-door, and just having a blast.  (Note: If you call attention to the progression of my fatness in the collage above...well, I'm working on it)

* Scary movies...AMC's Fear Fest (or whatever it's called) where they show scary movies nonstop makes for great television viewing in the Meyer household.

But there is more than just the personal stuff that excites me about Fall.  There are some church events that always take place during these two months of Setpember & October that I thoroughly enjoy. 

* The Well resumes...Our Wednesday night service.  Come grab a nice meal at 6:00 & then a great time of study & discussion (for all ages) at 7:00.  The Well is a great mid-week refresher for me & I hope for many of you.

* Friend Day/Church Picnic...Since I've been at AMCC, this has always taken place on the last Sunday of September, and this year is no different.  On September 30th you are encouraged to invite as many friends as you can for either of our two morning services & enjoy great worship!  I'll be ending the Revelation series (preaching on Heaven) & Matt is working up some nice song selections that will be particularly relevant for the topic we'll be studying.  Shortly after the 2nd service, we'll head down to our Snake Lick Road property for our annual church picnic, where there will be plenty of food and fun for all ages.  It's one of the best Sundays we have all year at AMCC.  Don't miss out.  There might even be a haircut or two this year.

* Silent Auction...This annual fund-raiser, sponsored by the Ladies Aid, is an informal event where you can eat, chat with friends, & purchase some things that interest you...and it all goes to a good cause.  The money raised by the Ladies Aid goes toward their ministry throughout the year.  This year, the Silent Auction takes place on Friday, September 28th at 6:00 pm. (Note: While I am losing weight, I still plan on purchasing Violet's pecan tarts.  It's inevitable.)

As you can see, there is much going on in these next several weeks.  So as you Spring & Summer lovers say goodbye to your precious warm weather, please understand you can wipe away your tears by participating in any of the aforementioned events.  We'd love to have you take part!

Banana Milkshakes & The Book Of Revelation

Posted by Site Admin on June 18, 2012 at 11:50 AM

The early portion of Summer 2012 has afforded me the opportunity to become reacquainted with a couple of personal pleasures.  One of those pleasures is the Banana Milkshake.  Truth be told, I don't know why it's been such a long time that the two of us have been apart.  Sure, there's been the occasional failed diet or two in the last couple of years, but prior to this past Wednesday night I hadn't savored the flavor of a good Banana Milkshake in a long, long time.  Evidently my body was fed up with this, so in the middle of a tee-ball game in Falmouth, while I should have been instructing & coaching my daughter's team, I was instead daydreaming of a cold Banana Milkshake.  And not just any Banana Milkshake, but the kind that has a lot of little bits & pieces of bananas in it.  Thankfully, the tee-ball game was taking place within a stone's throw of Howard's Place.  Thankfully also, Howard's provides these desired shakes. 

So after the game was over & after a brief supper at Edwardo's (also very tasty, I might add), Stacey, Addi & I walked over to Howard's.  Unfortunately, my pleasure was briefly delayed because of my daughter.  She too wanted some ice cream & as we stood there at the counter to place our order, she asked what kind of flavors they had.  After reading off about 142 different flavors, Addi thought for a moment and eventually said, "I want vanilla."  Vanilla?  My late Mammaw Howard, notorious for doing the same thing at a Baskin Robbins many years ago, would be very proud of her.  But anyway, my time came to order & the medium Banana shake was prepared, delivered & consumed.  And yes, it was delicious.

Score one for the sweet tooth.

The other personal pleasure I've become reacquainted with this summer is the book of Revelation.  The last of the Bible's 66 books, Revelation (notice there's no "s" at the end of "Revelation") is one of the most debated & discussed books in Scripture.  Its use of bizarre imagery, numbers & Science Fiction-esque creatures have left many a Bible student scratching their head in confusion.

My junior year in college, I took a course that covered Revelation in its entirety.  I might also add that I was the class's most prized & intelligent student, often leaving Dr. Rob Ford dumbfounded at my vast knowledge & impressive insight.  I've read numerous books, articles & writings about it.  In one of my dumber moments, I led a verse-by-verse study on a Wednesday night through the book (hat-tip to the fine folks at Fairview Christian Church who endured that five month catastrophe).  But through the years, Revelation has become one of my five favorite books of the Bible.  And while I occasionally read through portions of it, it's been a few years since I was able to dig deep into it.  Summer 2012 has brought that to an end.  You ask, "Why?"

Well, as I hinted at several weeks ago in a message, I'm going to be preaching a series of messages on Revelation at the end of summer/early Fall.  Normally, I'm pretty precise & detailed when it comes to sermon preparation (I plan sermons a year in advance).  Revelation has been on the docket since last November, but what has been uncertain is how long we'll study the book.  Right now, it's either going to be 4 weeks or 7 weeks in length.  If it's 4 weeks, we'll start the series on September 9th.  If it's 7 weeks, we'll start on August 19th.  Either way, we'll end on Friend Day by studying Revelation's final two chapters, which provide the most detailed account of what Heaven is going to be like (more on that in later weeks).

So anyway, in preparation for this series, I've been spending a lot of time in Revelation.  As we'll discover in our study, a lot of people have a lot of different opinions about Revelation's content.  But from my vantage point, the overall themes of the book are easily understood.  For the most part we'll spend our time on those themes, ultimately learning that victory in the end will be attained by Jesus Christ & those whose allegiance is with him.   

You see, the Jesus who arrives in Revelation is quite different from the Jesus who arrives in Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  Revelation's Jesus is not humble, meek & lying in a manger.  Just the opposite...he is powerful, strong & rides atop a white horse of justice.  As a result, every eye sees him & every knee bows, acknowledging that he is King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

So I'm excited.  Excited about more Banana Milkshakes & even more excited about studying Revelation together as a church family.  You're more than welcome to take part in the former, but I very highly recommend you consume yourself in the latter.  You won't be disappointed.